Zac Selissen

Composer | Guitarist

Zac has been outstanding as a teacher not only for my 8 year old daughter, but also for me. 

Not very often do you come across a musician such as Zac. One who can not only play extremely well, but is extremely well versed in the theory of music. He does a wonderful job of applying theory in a very fun and open atmosphere. 

He is wonderful with kids and keeps the energy level high and the focus strong without it being overwhelming to the kids. 

In addition, he is able to apply his teaching over multiple instruments including piano, guitar, banjo and ukulele to name a few.  This is great for young kids that can lose interest in an instrument or become frustrated with an instrument. He is able to reconnect them with the same lessons but with a different instrument. 

Since I took piano lessons as a kid, I would have loved to have Zac for my beginning and intermediate teaching on piano. Again his application of music theory is applied in a way that resonates with the tune you're learning. A skill that is hard to find.

-Rob Lewis

We absolutely love Zac! He has taught our 9-year-old girls piano and guitar for the past year. Zac is wonderful with kids: mellow, kind, patient, and engaging. Our girls have flourished... Our time with Zac is one of our favorite hours of the week!

Bruce and Kim Fiscus

 Zac is a guitar pro -- a skilled instructor and talented performer.  I've taken guitar lessons from Zac for over two years.  I started with zero experience and now have the tools and skills set to comfortably learn my own songs and play for friends and family. I've also had the pleasure of watching Zac perform.  I would highly recommend Zac.

-Gabe Harmon

Zac was able to help me connect to my guitar by linking techniques that work to my favorite songs. Drilling in techniques and habits on how to produce clear tones, his patience and enthusiasm really encouraged me to perform for audiences with confidence. My performances now tell stories that audiences connect with.

-Jane Sae Lai

 I found Zac because I asked around for a smart, talented guitar teacher who is also easygoing and fun to work with. Success!! I found him and a year later keep coming back for more. I recommend Zac highly. You will learn quickly in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere and probably keep coming back for more too.  

 -Eli Merritt, M.D.

 Zac has been the piano teacher for our two children (6 and 9 years of age) for the past 10 months. When the kids started with him they did not know how to read notes or play the piano. Now both know how to read notes, learned how to play their own repertoire of songs and most importantly have enjoyed playing the piano ever since they started. I am very happy with my two children's progress and the way Zac is approaching and tailoring the lesson plan to their individual needs and interests. I have and will continue to recommend Zac as a piano teacher.

-Susanne Shibley