Zac Selissen

Composer | Guitarist

 Working with Zac is a producer’s dream. We spent several months searching for the right composer for our last theatre production - when Zac revealed his vision for the score we immediately felt inspired and certain he was the man for the job! When the music began ‘Macbeth’ came to life, leading the audience on a parabolic, aural journey night after night. What an exciting, explosive, futuristic talent. Looking forward to the next project!

-Caroline Spearpoint and Miriam Thom

FoxWolf Productions

  Zac continues to raise the bar again and again. Zac and I have worked together as composer and choreographer since 2014. He has written music for, and performed in, several of my company's dances.  As a collaborator he takes the time to understand my vision, honing in on the the essence of the idea at hand.  His compositions are dynamic and sensitive to the nuances of the choreography.  His passion for excellence, demonstrated through every step of the process, is made completely self-evident by his powerful artistry on stage.  We are already planning our next project and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table this time.

Kyla Barkin and Aaron Selissen

b/S P Dance Company